Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Whole Lotta Junkin Goin On

Last Saturday, my daughter, her boyfriend and I went junking. It was POURING rain, so many of the sales were canceled. That didn't stop US!! We went to a couple of estate sales and some sales held either in the garage or under the carport.
Great shelf, huh?
At an estate sale, I found this sturdy little chair for $5 and

necklaces to be re worked

I love this little teacup picture. Found it a rummage sale.

So my daughter's neighbor is moving and didn't want to deal with a yard sale. She told my daugther to come and get what she wanted. She chose things she thought I might be able to use. Warning, many of the following pix are VERY pink!!

Look how tanned my hand is!! Sadly, my legs are the color of this vase.

Yesterday, I didn't MEAN to go junking, but...

There is a place here in Birmingham called What's On Second. It is such a fun place! Anyway, I found this dish and lid. It LOOKS old, but there were no markings on it at all.

Afterward, I went to a little neighborhood thrift store and the first thing I found was this sewing rocker. I just LOVE it!

As I was checking out, I spied this little chair. I just LOVE the lines! I'm going to use it in my kitchen. Below are the rest of my purchses.

I guess these are vases, but I see them as candle holders.

I got this flat back basket and all the stainless flatware for $1.

OBVIOUSLY this was once Mardi Gras beads.

A pretty little blue plate.

2 little "jeweled" napkin rings. I think each of these would look good on a windchime.

I just thought this was cute. If I did pottery, this is what it would look like.

Hope everyone has a GREAT Labor Day and doesn't have to Labor.

Monday, July 21, 2008

100% Finished

FINALLY, my bathroom is finished!! I'm not certain that I've EVER been 100 % finished with any room room in my life! But this is done. I had been waiting to get a picture framed and now that it is up... did I mention I was finished?

Don't you just love the Bathing Beauties of 1925? I just LOVE this picture!!

You don't see a BIG BLUE flashlight on the sink, do you? Of COURSE you don't, because there isn't one there!!

Some more 1920s swimmers.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

4 Thrift Stores and a Yard Sale

I promised myself that I wouldn’t go junking this weekend, but… Actually, I was looking for a particular item. I needed a low table or stand to put in my office (started a new job last week). I did NOT need everything else that I got. Well, I found the table, although I didn’t get a picture of it. It’s in my car waiting to be unloaded at my office tomorrow. Below are some of the things that I DID take pix of.

These are for holding a shelf. I think I will put them in my diningroom.

Got these "jailer's keys" for $2. I seem to have a key theme going on in my study.

Some jewelry for reworking.

Some shell shaped silver candy dishes? Maybe I'll make them into earrings (Just kidding).

A book on wreath making for 50 cents.

Although these are earrings, I plan to use them in making a windchime.

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Oops, I forgot!

I forgot to show you the camera that I got at one of the yard sales on Saturday. The back was missing, but you can't tell. I have several old cameras that I display on top of a window cornice in my study.

Can you tell the back is missing?

Here is my camera collection so far.

As I told you yesterday, I have a watering can collection that I keep on my porch.

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Junkin' for Mother's Day

Yesterday, my daughter and I went “junking.” We found some great stuff! First of all, she found a box of Pez dispensers. She got a really great deal on them and can resell them at a profit (we hope). Below are pictures of some of the other treasures we found.

This glider was the first thing I found. It was... are you ready? $2! There isn't a thing wrong with it. The lady said that she hated it and wanted to get rid of it. I have NO idea what is going on with the different color stripes on it. She said that it was craft paint. I doesn't really matter, though, because I'm going to paint it black to match my other porch furniture! What a deal!!!

Aren't these the cutest greeting cards?

I've been needing an edger. Got this one for 3 bucks!

Some jewelry pieces to rework.

A tutu for Daisy

And here she is. She KNOWS she's fancy!

LOVE this book! Only 50 cents!! GREAT ideas in there!

I got this for my b b boyfriend (I have trouble saying that word). He's redoing his bathroom in a tropical design. I hope he can use this candle holder.
This cute little frame caught my eye. I didn't realize until I got it home that I have 2 copies of that same print. Oh well, I was only interested in the frame and mat.

2 more watering cans for my collection. I display them on my porch. I'll show a picture of them all next time.

And the pièce de résistance. My daughter got this for me for Mother’s Day. I have been looking for one of these tables for a year now. Gonna paint it white and put in my kitchen
Hope you all had a great Mother's Day. I DID!!!

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